Archive: Feb 2019

  1. Shore Physicians Group Surgeons Announce Affiliation with Penn Medicine

    Shore Physicians Group, a multi-specialty medical group based in Somers Point, NJ, announced today that its surgery division is now an affiliate of Penn Medicine. Now rebranded as Shore Physicians Group Surgeons, an Affiliate of Penn Medicine, the Shore Physicians Group’s surgical division will collaborate with Penn Medicine in an effort to provide even more Read More

  2. Every 18 Minutes an Aneurysm Ruptures – Are you at Risk?

    A stealth-like silent bubble could be present in your brain, your abdomen or other blood vessels and you don’t even know it. That bubble is an aneurysm and it has the potential to wreak a great deal of damage. An aneurysm is defined as a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel. According Read More

  3. Seven Steps to Lessen Anxiety at your Next Doctor Appointment

    How many times have you walked out of the doctor’s office only to realize you forgot to ask something while you were there? It happens, but there are some easy things you can do before the appointment to help to make the next one more successful. “Patients can be anxious when they come to the Read More