Archive: Dec 2018

  1. What You Need to Know Before Firing Up that E-cigarette

    Pulmonologist Dr. Manuel Cunanan says the jury is still out on electronic smoking devices adding that it is too soon and too little is known about e-cigarettes and vape pens to really know what the long term impact may be on future health. “What I do know is that something will come up eventually if Read More

  2. Beating that Ho Ho Holiday Stress

    The holiday lights, the music and the songs are here in full swing but not everyone is happy to see the holidays approaching, and according to Shore Physicians Group Internist, Dr. Ulices Perez, some people can be downright sad during the holidays and he had some suggestions for what families might do to help their Read More

  3. Fine Tuning Technology Improves Life for People Living with Seizure

    A diagnosis of epilepsy in 2018 comes with a lot more knowledge and understanding of how to live and manage the disorder than it did years ago. Health care providers are now fine tuning medications, looking at diets and incorporating medical devices that monitor and regulate the brain’s activity and reduce the length of time Read More