Archive: Mar 2023

  1. The Battle of the Brands in the Medication Aisle

    Manufacturers know they have reached the pinnacle of marketing when their brand name becomes so ingrained in our lexicon that it becomes synonymous with the item it represents. Whether it’s asking for a Kleenex instead of a tissue, a bowl of Jell-O instead of gelatin, or a Xerox instead of a copy, we’ve all been Read More

  2. Shore Physicians Group welcomes Scott Warren, PharmD to provide Ambulatory Care Pharmacist services

    Shore Physicians Group (SPG) announced the addition of Scott Warren, PharmD, to its growing healthcare team. Warren, who will start seeing patients on March 27, will provide Ambulatory Care Pharmacist Services in Northfield, Ocean City and Somers Point. As an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, Warren will provide a variety of services to patients including Annual Medicare Read More