Archive: Jun 2022

  1. Make Annual Well Visits a Priority to Stay Heart Healthy

    June is National Men’s Health Month As an internal medicine physician with Shore Physicians Group’s Northfield office, Dr. Maria Cerna is just as passionate about helping her patients prevent illness as she is about treating them when they are sick. However, in order to help her patients remain healthy, they first need to come see Read More

  2. How the MIND Diet can Improve Brain Health

    By Tiffany Rios, RD, CDERegistered Dietician, Shore Physicians Group As we age, it is natural for our minds to show signs of slowing down. Due to normal brain changes, we may find it more challenging to multitask or remember what we had for lunch yesterday. But there are things we can all do to prevent Read More

  3. Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques Offer Many Benefits

    With modern minimally invasive surgery techniques, you usually don’t have to sit on the sidelines for months recovering. Minimally invasive, or laparoscopic surgery, allows patients to return to their everyday lives much quicker than traditional open surgery. Laparoscopic versus open surgery Dr. James Tayoun of Shore Physicians Group is a Board Certified General and Vascular Read More