Archive: Jan 2020

  1. Free Vascular Screenings: February 18 & March 20

    Shore Physicians Group will host vascular screening clinics on Tuesday, February 18 and Friday, March 20 at the Shore Physicians Group Vascular Lab at 649 Shore Road in Somers Point. Good screening candidates are adults over age 45 with other risk factors for vascular disease, including diabetes, smoking, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol profiles, and/or family history.  Read More

  2. Does Coloring Your Hair Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk?

    Maintaining that youthful look and getting rid of those telltale gray hairs may come with a hidden cost. In December, the International Journal of Cancer published a study undertaken by the National Institute of Environmental Health that followed 46,709 women who had a sister previously diagnosed with breast cancer. (A family history of cancer indicates Read More

  3. How Dangerous is Plastic to Our Food?

    It is nearly impossible to avoid plastic, it is everywhere. The food we eat is packaged in it, the water we drink is frequently in a plastic bottle and even the toothbrush we use twice a day has plastic. There are many different kinds of plastic products that we come in contact with constantly. Although Read More