Archive: Jan 2019

  1. Successful Surgical Outcome Entices Philly Police Officer to Shore

    Big name hospitals in the City of Brotherly Love have beckoned patients to make the trip from the shore area to Philadelphia for years. A complete reversal of that trend proved to be the best choice when a Philadelphia man headed to Shore Medical Center for treatment for his debilitating back pain. Neurosurgeon Dr. Francis Read More

  2. Can You Die From A Broken Heart?

    When former President George H. W. Bush passed away at the age of 94 in November his family spoke openly of how much he missed his beloved wife and a daughter, Robin, who had died years prior.  Did the loss of his wife take its toll on him after the couple’s 73-year marriage? There is Read More

  3. What You Don’t Know About Kidney Stones Can Hurt You

    Anyone that has ever experienced a kidney stone knows they can stop you in your tracks with the sudden onset of severe pain. Meredith Jankowski, DO, Urologist, Shore Physicians Group, in association with Jersey Urology Group, said kidney stones are the number one reason people call their urologist. The number one cause of those kidney Read More