Shore Physicians Group Telehealth Services

We love seeing you in person at our offices, but sometimes life can make it challenging to get to your appointment, whether it’s bad weather, car troubles or COVID-19. That’s why Shore Physicians Group is proud to offer SPG Telehealth, so you can get the care you need without leaving your home.

With SPG Telehealth, your visit starts with a secure link sent directly to you on your web-enabled device. You don’t need an app, ID or password to access your telehealth appointment – just click your secure link.

How it Works

Making a Telehealth Appointment
You can make a telehealth appointment, or change an existing appointment to telehealth, using the same methods you always use to schedule an appointment with your provider:

  • Calling your provider’s office
  • Scheduling through your patient portal

Your Telehealth Appointment Timeline

  1. Two days prior to your scheduled telehealth appointment, you will receive a text and/or email notification which contains a secure link directing you to complete your pre-visit check in. You will enter your demographics, read and sign consent forms and complete other items related to your health history. (Note: If you do not complete your pre-visit steps upon receipt of the initial text, 20 minutes prior to your appointment time you will be directed to the pre-visit authentication screen, where you will verify your identity by using your date of birth and zip code. You will also be prompted to sign a telehealth consent form.)
  2. 24 hours prior to your telehealth appointment, you will receive your second notification which serves as your reminder of the upcoming visit and also alerts you that on the day of your appointment you will receive a notification with a secure link to join your telehealth visit.
  3. 20 minutes prior to the start time of your telehealth appointment will be your final notification. This notification will contain a secure link which enables you to join your telehealth appointment. The link will be unique to you and your scheduled appointment.
  4. 2 minutes prior to the start of your appointment, if you have not joined the visit, your secure link to join will automatically be resent.
  5. You will then be directed to “launch” your telehealth appointment. Please be sure to grant access to your microphone and camera.