Telehealth Instructions:

SPG is Keeping Patients Well Connected Through Telehealth

Shore Physicians Group is keeping patients well connected to their healthcare providers through telehealth. Whether the patient has an existing appointment or they are having some acute symptoms they wish to check out with their provider, they are now able to do so via their smart phone, tablet or desk top computer as long as it has a web cam.

The first step is to call the provider’s office. The SPG medical assistant or patient service representative will speak with the patient in advance. The patient will be given instruction on how to launch the telehealth platform. The provider will then call the patient one to two minutes prior to the appointment and give the patient the meeting room ID and password. The patient will enter that information and it takes them to that providers meeting room.

The patient will then be able to speak directly with their provider from the comfort and safety of their own home. The technology permits the connection between the provider and the patient to be the same as if they were sitting in the same room. If for example the patient is having some respiratory concerns, the provider might ask the patient to walk up or down a flight of steps so they can watch the patient and hear if the exertion results in any shortness of breath. Likewise, if a patient has a complaint of an allergic reaction or rash, they are able to show that to their provider via their phone, tablet or computer and get their provider’s advice.

Another bonus of the telehealth option at SPG is to keep patients on their normal routine during this time of social distancing for checkups, refills and answer any questions they may have for their provider.

SPG Physician, Dr. Michael Giunta said telehealth is providing convenient care on demand. “Patients are being seen by their doctor while remaining in the comfort of their home. Patients with mobility issues, transportation issues or hectic schedules find this to be an easier option than a traditional office visit,” said Dr. Giunta, adding that a patient with an acute complaint called the office and their telehealth visit with him took place within minutes.

Dr. Giunta said telehealth is aiding acute care of patients. “Your board certified provider will use best practice to optimize your health, potentially saving a trip to Urgent Care or the ER,” advised Dr. Giunta. He said a patient with seasonal allergies is able to be treated for those allergies over telehealth rather than going into Urgent Care for advice.

SPG patients with chronic conditions are benefitting from telehealth as the provider will review medications, health conditions, results, screening tests and answering questions. Dr. Giunta said, “We are now expanding to accept new patients, with most new patients able to establish care immediately rather than waiting weeks or months.”

“I could go on, but this has been a tremendous success. We are walking our patients through the simple steps to be seen via telehealth and they have been extremely satisfied,” said Dr. Giunta. “We have our full SPG team working including care coordinator, office staff and medical assistants that our patients have grown to know and trust.”

For more information on SPG telehealth contact your provider.