As a multi-specialty practice, our goal at Shore Physicians Group (SPG) is to maintain continuity of care for our patients – even in the event of a hospitalization. Our skilled internal medicine specialists are on staff at Shore Medical Center in Somers Point and will be onsite to see to your care during your hospital stay. SPG Hospitalists are dedicated, expert physicians who are devoted to efficiently managing the process of patient care. Your SPG Hospitalist will discuss each step of your medical center care during your hospitalization with your primary care physician. Your SPG Hospitalist will also provide your primary care physician with a written report of your care, as well as a copy of your discharge instructions prior to your first follow-up visit.

Shore Physicians Group Hospitalists:

  • Are accessible to you, your family and friends.
  • Assume the primary responsibility for your care if you are admitted to Shore Medical Center.
  • Participate in your evaluation in the Emergency Department, helping to determine your need for admission.
  • Are accountable for ensuring that a process is in place for you to receive appropriate care.
  • Are committed to building and nurturing collaborative working relationships with community physicians, peers and the medical center’s staff.
  • Lead the entire care team in making decisions and taking actions that optimize your care and outcome.

Maintaining your quality of care while improving your quality of life

Shore Physicians Group Hospitalists are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care and helping patients navigate their medical center stay. Upon discharge, all patients are referred back to their primary care physicians for follow up and continuum of care.