Shore Physicians Group Launches “Dietitian Approved” Partnership with Goji Juice Bar in Somers Point to Promote Health and Nutrition “On the Go”

Shore Physicians Group announces its new “Dietitian Approved” partnership with Goji Juice Bar in Somers Point designed to encourage healthy choices for those who are constantly “On the Go.” Each month, Goji will feature a special menu selection that has been endorsed by Tiffany Rios, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with Shore Physicians Group’s Endocrinology Division. The “Tiffany Approved” item will be promoted in the store and on social media with a listing of its nutritional components, how those nutrients benefit health, calories, and special pricing.

“Our lives are so busy these days and we are pulled in 100 directions. So when the kids are late for practice, the emails keep coming in, and the laundry’s piling up to the ceiling, we don’t always make the time to prepare a healthy meal at home,” said Rios. “The number one barrier to eating healthy that I hear from patients is that they don’t have time to cook and don’t have access to healthy items on the go. One of my patients said, verbatim, ‘I like healthy food, I just don’t have time to make it.’”

Along with lack of time, Tiffany Rios feels that another barrier to eating healthier is that people do not know how to create meals balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibers. “Part of what I do in my practice is help patients build meals with the macronutrients needed to feel satisfied, while also balancing blood sugars and improving energy,” said Rios. “I’m always looking for meals packed with nutrient density found in plants, proteins, and healthy fats – especially with high fiber carbohydrates like beans, greens, and berries.”

“Goji offers options that are quick, nutritious and taste great, right here in Somers Point. Goji offers healthy smoothies, salads and more, conveniently ready for those on the go. I’m thrilled to be working with the Goji team to develop and promote these nutritious offerings to the community,” Tiffany added.

Julia Lindsay, co-found of Goji, said, “When my husband Scott and I founded Goji in May 2019, we wanted to create a place for those with active lifestyles who were looking for nutritious options instead of fast food. We have achieved our mission of making nourishing food affordable, accessible, and approachable and as parents, it will also always remain important to us. Tiffany has long been a customer, so it’s great to have her genuine seal of approval from a taste and service vantage point as well as her expertise in nutrition.”

While all the menu items at Goji are packed with nutrition, the first official “Dietitian Approved” item at Goji will be the Aerosmith smoothie. Cauliflower, cherries, cinnamon, almond butter and coconut are among the superstar ingredients. The cauliflower, cherries and berries are packed with fibrous carbohydrates and antioxidants which, in combination with pea protein and healthy fats, help slow sugar absorption into the bloodstream. Topping it off with cinnamon solidifies this delicious blood sugar balancing act. One can add kale, and a touch of maca for extra energy and antioxidants. The Aerosmith smoothie is $9 with an additional $1.50 if kale and maca are added.

Goji is located at 520 New Road in Somers Point and is open seven days a week on the following schedule: Monday, 9a-6p, Tues-Sat 8a-6p; Sunday 8a-3:30p. Customers can order and pick up through the convenient drive through, and they can also call 609.800.4654 in advance for quick pick up.

Rios is currently treating patients at Shore Physicians Group’s Endocrinology Division, located at 18 West New York Ave, Somers Point, NJ. To schedule an appointment with Rios, call 609-365-5300.