It’s Soup Season – Let’s Keep it Healthy!

By Tiffany Rios, RD, CDE, Shore Physicians Group
Soup is a great nutritional choice during the winter months. Studies have shown that after eating soup, people experience increased satiety and reduced hunger. This is because soup has a high concentration of fluid, and when we’re adequately hydrated, our body senses fullness.

Many bean-rich soups are high in fibers which support diversity of the microbiota (gut bacteria), improve satiety, and stabilize blood sugar. Your microbiota includes bacteria that support digestion, absorption of vitamins and minerals, and even production of serotonin.

From a nutritional standpoint, I recommend lentil soups, bone broth soups, and vegetable-based soups. Not only are these options good for you, but they also fill you up and can help curb your appetite. For example, lentils can have 12 to 14 grams of fiber which improves a feeling of fullness while offering modest calories.

Things to look out for

  • Canned/Packaged Soups: Watch for a high sodium content in packaged and canned soup varieties. Rather try choose reduced sodium options or make simple soups from scratch.
  • Creamy/high saturated fat soups: Heavier cream-based soups like chowders and bisques are less aligned with weight management but can be enjoyed in moderation.

There are some wonderful recipes available on line for healthy homemade soups, many of which are gluten free and vegan. One of my personal favorites is “COOKIE + Kate, Celebrating Whole Foods.”

They have easy-to-prepare recipe for

Tiffany Rios is a registered dietitian (RD) and certified diabetes educator (CDE) with Shore Physicians Group. She practices at SPG’s Endocrinology Division located at 18 West New York Avenue in Somers Point. For more information call 609-365-5300.