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Francis Kralick, DO, FACOS



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  • Neurological Surgery

About Francis Kralick, DO, FACOS

  • Hospital Affiliations
    • Shore Medical Center, Somers Point, NJ
  • Certifications
    • Board Certified in Neurological Surgery
  • Additional Information
    Research and Publications
    PUBLISHED PAPERS  *-denotes peer reviewed journals

    • *Stechison, M.T. and F.J. Kralick, The trigeminal evoked potential: Part I. Long-latency responses in awake or anesthetized subjects. Neurosurgery, 1993. 33(4): p. 633-8.
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    • Kralick FA, Parrish W, Orr G, Willet D.  Method for the Stimulation of Cell Growth and the Inhibition of Cell Proliferation by Utilization of Selenodithiols such as Selenodiglutathione.  US patent #5,104,854: Issued April 12, 1992.
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    • Kralick FA, Noh Hongseok, Implantable Micro-System for the Treatment of  Hydrocephalus, CIP
    • Kralick FA, Noh Hongseok, Implantable Micro-System for the Treatment of Hydrocephalus. US Patent No. US 8206334 B2,
    • Kawoos U, Rosen A, Rosen H, Kralick FA. Microwave Intracranial Pressure Implant and CSF Drainage. US Patent No. 12/558,157

    In Practice Since:

    • 2002 at Drexel University and Hahnemann University Hospital serving as Chief of Neurosurgery and Associate Professor Neurological Surgery


  • Nova-Southeastern graduation with highest honors
  • ACOS Surgical Residency Scholarship Excellence in Medicine
  • ACOS Resident Achievement Award
  • 2nd Place Poster Presentation ACA Image guided Neurosurgery for Spinal Instability
    Palm Desert, CA
  • National Sofamor Danek Resident Achievement Award Correction of Cephalocranial Disproportion by Expansion Craniectomy and Shunt Revision for Pansyostosis
    Technical Note
  • Robert Irwin Literary Award
  • ACOS Fellowship designation (F.A.C.O.S.)